Activation failed with error : 1030

Hi Team,

I want to install uipath community edition with automatic activation, the activation process requires active internet connection.
The question is, what url and port should i open to be able connect to the licensing community edition?

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Hi @detonugraha1,
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For CE activation you need to choose this:
And then just put the same email address for which you have requested the program. Activation is automatic. If you don’t have possibility to open whole internet connection the only way to activate is offline activation but this is not available for community edition.

Hi @Pablito thanks for your answer,

My internet connection is blocked to connect to the licensing ce edition.

I want to know the url or port which must be opened, so my internet connection can be connected to ce licensing

I can only share this: and Please whitelist these pages. Maybe it will work.
Anyway as I said Community Edition is free and this requires open internet connection. For offline activation EE version is the only way.