Not able to activate community edition on my machine --i am a new user

Getting 1030 error .Not able to activate community edition on my machine --i am a new user.
i want to learn so please help me out.


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Could you please tell me what error are you getting at the time of activation ?

HI @Vasu-Kapil

While browsing the forum, I came across a similar issue. Based on the comments there, it looks like your internet connection is blocked from connecting to the licensing server.

Check out the recommendations here in the link, it might help.

Let know whether it works for you.



When I change network environment my device id change as well ( I can see it in prompt activation window ) and new window ask me about new activation. Have we workaround for that ?


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Are you using the community edition? If so, you can directly get it activated again through the studio itself.

2019.5.0 - 5/21/2019 ; Community Edition; Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit

Please, could you provide me where i can activate as I’m new user.


Open the Studio and go to the Help page. There on the right you will find the activation options. Through that, you can select the activation :slight_smile:

no, sorry there is nothing like “select the activation”, but i need highlight my case as i think this is not right path. So I’m able to activate Studio ( via reinstal and then actiavte via prompt window + web) but problem again came back when I change network environment. Like company network and home network. Then I’m not able use tool thru remote connection to company network.