Activate Orchestrator with this trial code

Activate Orchestrator with this trial code – how is it work?

I tried use this documentation:

But those instructions are not suitable. There is no online activation options in orchestrator license page.

In orchestrator license page, there is just option to upload file.
So I tried to create this file as you show in the academy video, with CMD command:
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath>regutil activate /email=… /code=…
But I got error:
Error #14: Cannot activate license: error code: -4212, license status: 0, error description: SOAP invalid license number

It sounds like you might have been using an older version of Orchestrator at the time, possibly 2018.3, 2018.4, or 2019-fasttrack.

For 2019.4 and lower you can use: Activation

For 2019.10 and newer:


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