Action on Hover over web element

Hello there,
I would like to ask whether it is possible to call an event, when mouse hover over a web element or image (defined by a selector) that will pop up, let’s say a Message Window or change some bool to true.
I know it’s possible in VB, but I just can’t find a way to integrate it with web browser.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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There will be some action happening on hover like display of a tool tip message, appearance of some other elements etc. Check for those actions to verify the hover event and perform your actions.

Thank you for your swift answer.
I don’t think I am on the same page as you. Only Hover I got is to make the mouse Hover over an element. But I want to change boolean once the mouse hovers over specified element.

Maybe I just misunderstood your answer, I am not a native speaker. Is it possible now? To change bool when mouse hovers over something? Maybe I should point out, that the mouse movement will be random, “generated” by a third-party program.


First off, I have not done this, but if I were to do this, I would use the Find Element activity. With Find Element you can get the clipping region of the element (ie a box around the element) - you can also use the Highlight activity to see that box.

Then, you need to return the Mouse position. You might be able to do this with VB or other scripting languages (maybe Invoke VBA activity). Then, you can determine if the position is in the coordinates of the clipping region.

I’m just throwing an idea out there. Someone might have a better idea. You can also check the Go for custom activities that may assist.

Thank you for your answer.
I will try to look deeper into your suggestions, but I am not that skilled in VBA, although I can ask my senior for help.