Action Click Print after finish Each Loop have some DLV condition

Dear all,

I need click Print on application after finish Each Loop have some DLV condition.

Ex: Each loop will read every row excel, now I just want click Printer action when loop finish condition same Delivery No.

Finish Row7 will click Printer action
Finish Row8 will click Printer action
Finish Row9 will click Printer action
Finish Row11 will click Printer action

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Filter the datatable with the finished DLV no and then print one by one

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take unique delivery nos from the column and filter it … after the click print put it in aloop

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If I got it right, you need the current row and the previous one to have the same DLV.

I’d advise you to extract these data to another sheet with only one header, so you could loop through the entire data table.

But considering the way it is, you would need 2 ‘read range’ activity inside an excel scope

One reading the current range and the other reading the previous, making 2 indexes. So your index would start at 5 and your prevIndex starting at 4, it will be something like this:

Read range “H” + index.tostring
Read range “H” + prevIndex.tostring

then you compare the 2 resulting values and then click print, next you add 1 to both of the indexes and keep looping until the end of the table

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can you upload xaml

DLV015 - Copy (3) (1) (1) (1) (1).xaml (1.2 MB)


try this!
DLV015 - Copy (3) (1) (1) (1) (1).xaml (1.2 MB)

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