Don't want loop duplicate row at For Each Row (big)

Hello all,

I use For Each Row read excel file to repeat DLV (Column H).

If see duplicate at Delivery No (H) will into For Each Row (small) to loop this rows

Ex: first loop will read 1st row DLV006 and into For Each Row (small) to loop 3row DLV006
and exit loop small and continue read 2nd row (loop big) but I don’t want loop 2nd DLV006, i want loop at DLV005

DLV030.xls (38.5 KB)
DLV015 - Copy (3).xaml (918.2 KB)

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try this @anh.nguyen
DLV015 - Copy (3) (1).xaml (924.8 KB)

I can’t open

update this to latest version

It still loop (big) full 3row DLV006, can u help me try again, thanks

Hi @anh.nguyen
U can remove duplicates values based on that DLV column and if you need the entire data for further processing u can copy the previous data to new data table dt_New = dt.Copy()

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Can you help me update my xaml file ? Thanks

oh sorry, use this. should work

DLV015 - Copy (3) (1) (1).xaml (924.8 KB)

Hi, after 3row (loop small) DVL006, jump DLV003 (loop big). it ignores DLV005,004

can you send me this excel?

the one you upload is wrong i think, the columns are not the same as your screenshot

I send you full excel, sorry
DLV030.xls (54 KB)

DLV015 - Copy (3) (1) (1).xaml (925.7 KB)

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Sorry I want ask more.

I want remove loop duplicate row at For Each Row (big) with condition Customer Code (Column C): {β€œC00392”,β€œC01085”,β€œC00600”,β€œC01017”,β€œC01069”}. Other else loop normal

Ex: DLV003 CusCode: c00388 have 2row, condition will not remove duplicate. Thank you

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update this to this
in_DataTableDLV030.AsEnumerable.Select(function(row) row(4).ToString).Distinct.tolist().Except({"C00392","C01085","C00600","C01017","C01069"}).tolist()

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Sorry still error. with DLV006,007 (CustomerCode: C01017,C00392) open & exit right away

with DLV003 loop 1st row, 2nd row exit

DLV015 - Copy (3) (1) (1) (1).xaml (1.1 MB)
DLV030.xls (56 KB)

its still looping C01017,C00392 ?

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Good morning bro,

If DLV006,007 will exit workflow, DLV003 run 1st row & exit workflow.

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