How to print

I have two datatablesCapture Capture1
based on the second table keywords I have to print the whole rows from table1 where ever i find those keywords.
I have used for each activity for table2
then applied my condition row.item(3).ToString.contains(keyword)
now i’m not getting how to print the whole rows of the keyword occurrences without passing all details again in array row like {Transaction No,Message,Name…}
My final output should be like thisCapture2 Capture3


Could you please share what do you mean by Print - where you want to print.

And in the expected output why the 13 is highlighted, do you want to check all the columns and all values in the second excel from the first excel.

Possible share two sample excels which you are trying to compare.

Hi, what you can do here is
Create a Datatable variable ex:DT3
Use assign activity
DT3= Table1.clone
Use for each row of table 2
Then inside body
Use get row item for a column of Table2 from where you are getting the keyword ex:Var3
Now use assign activity
DT3 ="[Column name of Table1] = Var3").copytodatatable
This will filter out all the rows that are having keyword in Table1 into DT3
Now use excel application scope and write range with Input as DT3 to write those rows into excel file

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Came to know about clone method from you but from asign activity i’m getting error : cannot find column [customer(my keyword)]

Hi, pls check the case sensitive errors or Trial spaces at column name

They are all set correctly. Though i achieved what I want using filter activity but I didn’t understand what could be the problem while using select activity. Help me out with it. What is the difference between them (filter vs select)