Print Data from differents workflows in the same sheet

Hi Everyone,
I need some help… :wink:
I have some arrays made with Build Data Table and Add Data Row in different workflows and I need to print the data from these workflows in the same Sheet with one header ??? I need to read the data from the excel and print the Data after the last row printed before ??? Thank you

You should use the Append Range activity to add the new rows.

give it a try.

I hope it helps.


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Thank you Vasile, I’ll try

@Marina_Bell - Here is how you can try.

  1. Use File Exists and check for your output file exists…store the output variable as “FileExists”
  2. you if activity - just write “FileExists”

Then - Use Append Range
Else - Use Read Range

So When the first loop run, file won’t be available so it goes to write range (which takes your header)

Second run, file will be available so it will go to the Then loop and starts appending the rows.


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