Action Center licensing

We are automating a process that will have ~150 process participants who will be assigned tasks to complete the process.

We are considering to use the Action Center to assign the tasks to each user.

In such a case, will we have to procure 150 Action Center named user licenses? If yes, is there any alternative?

Hi @sam_arc , Action Center named user licenses is the available option in this case. Action Center can enable business users to interface with un-attended Robots (trigger processes as well as act on tasks created by Robots). I am sure, this will widen the range of processes that could be automated and can engage these business users than just one process.

Action Center is enabled by default on all Orchestrator instances, but you are legally bound to grant permissions on Actions to whomever uses Action Center.

The documentation mentions the above; does this mean usage checks based on the license are not enforced as of now.

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Yes, it is not yet enforced in the product yet, but this is temporary as we will be enforcing license based usage soon. We have licenses issued and available in the product, just that we are not enforcing it yet. It is recommended that our customers have the required licenses in place to avoid disruption of usage later. At the same time, we would like our customers to explore the product, test their scenarios

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