Action Center licensing

We are automating a process that will have ~150 process participants who will be assigned tasks to complete the process.

We are considering to use the Action Center to assign the tasks to each user.

In such a case, will we have to procure 150 Action Center named user licenses? If yes, is there any alternative?

Hi @sam_arc , Action Center named user licenses is the available option in this case. Action Center can enable business users to interface with un-attended Robots (trigger processes as well as act on tasks created by Robots). I am sure, this will widen the range of processes that could be automated and can engage these business users than just one process.

Action Center is enabled by default on all Orchestrator instances, but you are legally bound to grant permissions on Actions to whomever uses Action Center.

The documentation mentions the above; does this mean usage checks based on the license are not enforced as of now.

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Yes, it is not yet enforced in the product yet, but this is temporary as we will be enforcing license based usage soon. We have licenses issued and available in the product, just that we are not enforcing it yet. It is recommended that our customers have the required licenses in place to avoid disruption of usage later. At the same time, we would like our customers to explore the product, test their scenarios

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How can we segregate tasks?

  1. Action Center is not available with modern folders.
  2. If I wan to assign it as classic folder I need to provide license for Robot for each folder separately
  3. If I have 2 or more processes in action center everyone will se everything, and I cant let that happen…

So in order to use this properly I need to pay license for action center PLUS license for robot in every folder?

Do I stand correct… I hope I’m wrong…

Hi @Radomir_Ivankovic,

  1. With 20.10 release, Action Center is available with modern folders for on-premise installations as well. On Automation cloud, this has been available since May 2020.
  2. Yes, containerizing actions through classic folders has this limitation, hence we suggest modern folders. With classic folders, you could assign an action right from the workflow with ‘Assign’ activity so that all actions are created in pending state assigned to a user, such tasks can only be seen by that particular user (other than the Actions admin user with ‘Actions Assignment’ permissions).

Thanks, Liji


We have installed an orquestrator 20.10 and action center 20.10.2 and we have acquired some licenses for action center… As I read in you comment there are no licensing controlin the action center, is that correct? What we need to do with our licenses?


Hi @Liji,

Are there any dates/versions planned already by when UiPath will be enforcing licensing for Action Center?


Hello, are there any further details on the licensing topic? We are trying to grant on-prem Action Center access to 200+ users, based on the active directory group membership (which maps onto Action Center permissions), but probably only a few users will use the Action Center features at any given time. Does it mean that we need to provide a named license for every current and future user that is currently linked to this group?
It makes no business case at all…
Will there be any reasonable floating/concurrent licensing model?
How to manage this in enterprise environment where users come and go, and the group membership should allow Action Center permission?

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Still waiting to hear back from my sales rep, but on their licensing site it seems like multiuser (formerly called concurrent) is available for Action Center now.

UiPath Licensing

Thanks for the update. It seems that it requires multiuser ‘add-on’ which price is about 80-100 single user licenses + additional multiuser license price. A reasonable solution only for small (single user license) or large deployments with nothing reasonable in-between…

Actually my sales manager just told me they are phasing that out altogether so looks like it is back to individual licensing. :frowning:

I agree it would be nice to have an option in the middle. I would be OK with a higher price per license even.