Action Center in UiPath – Attended – Named User

Hello. Why is Action Center included in UiPath – Attended – Named User license if it’s not possible to run it without Orchestrator?
Do I need to buy another license?

Hey @j.bieszk

Unable to get your point. Kindly explain in detail please…


UiPath – Attended – Named User license includes Action Center, but there’s adnotation “Action Center requires Orchestrator” , so what I need to do to use Action Center?

Okay yes. Action center is available on UiPath Orchestrator, so do you have Cloud or On-Prem ?

Just UiPath – Attended – Named User license, so no cloud.

Okay how did you procure this license and where are you managing it ?

Client bought this license.

My point is: why including Action Center in license(UiPath – Attended – Named User) in which I cant use it?

The Action center mentioned over there is for user license. Who ever assigned that license in the portal can use Action center and it’s functions.

What do you mean by “assigned that license in the portal”?

If a user is given with the license he can access and use Action center.

How? Since there’s information “Action Center requires Orchestrator”.

Yep only if you have it.