Action center - one instance connected to Prod and non prod Orchestrator

We have Action Center instance with prod license but we would like to be able use it with test Orchestrator as well. Is there any approach we can follow? The Action Center non prod license is not available but before go on prod we would like to test the solution on test environment. Is there any best practice we can use to test solution (built on non-prod orchestrator) with Action Center? The only solution is to purchase another Action Center license?

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Hi @kla.kolat,

I think by just paying for 1 action center license, you get 2 versions for it(prod/non-prod)?

Have you raised request on uipath customer portal and double checked this with the team?


I think question about licensing/ sizing the license will always go unanswered in forum.

continuing the question, i dont see where we can see how many license of named action center are available both on tenant/ orchestrator level.


HI @tommyh ,

Please have a look at below post. Per this one, currently licensing for action center is not enforced on users so you should be able to use in multiple environments by multiple people until enforcement comes into play.

Hope this helps.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47 ,

thanks for responding, yes i think technically action center was not limited by number of license . I check every uipath document and try to find and understand if there is a license dashboard that show action center 's license consumption and etc but found nothing.


Yes @tommyh,

As of now, it is not enforced thats why no logging/dashboard for it but as soon as its enforced by UiPath, it should show up in license section of Orchestrator.

For now, you can be able to track it via role assignment for action center.


ok Sonali thx.i dont understand why UiPath sell something that they cant control sometimes confuse me … :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I would say that’s intentional thing currently to allow users to explore action center to a great deal without the need to worry about its licensing. But yes eventually it will be done so its good to have oneself equipped with all knowledge around its licensing as well :slight_smile: