Action Center — Enable users to launch unattended processes

Hi, I found this desription in documentation:
"There are two facets of Actions Center:

  • Processes—Enable users to launch unattended processes.
  • Actions—Enable users to provide inputs to Robots, which are later on used to successfully complete the workflow execution."

it can be found here" Introduction
Im not a native but it make not sense to me, business user are not able to trigger procesess from action center, it is only possible when there is for e.g. a task which completing will trigger next actions/steps (e.g. adding items to queue which triggers process) but I want to know is there any simple possiblity for business users to trigger process from AC.

In such scenraio I described above it can work but what if I want to give group of business users( for e.g 10 people) any time, any date trigger process than I have to create for them tasks each time and afer completition renew. This is not very sexy, can anyone clarify I understood this mechanizm correctly or Im wrong?


you are correct about the Actions “facet” of Action Center - it is clunky to start processes via tasks.

However it is pretty simple in the Processes “facet”, maybe you missed it. It is a tab on the left hand side menu and looks like this:


There is an overview of your processes and you can start processes with a click of a button. No Tasks necessary.

OK, now I understand that wasnt clear enough for me in first place, thanks

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