ACME site not working

I’m currently doing the second assignment of the Advanced course. For the past few days I’ve noticed the ACME site is much less responsive. Resetting test data can take a very long time, and after resetting the test data, the monthly vendor reports often failt o download. Either nothing happens when you press “Dornload Report” or it redirects you to a 404 error page.

I really wanted to finish the course today, my bot is 95% complete… Is anyone else experiencing the same? Perhaps Uipath can look into it? I cannot continue right now.

Oh dear… the downloading of monthly reports does work in Firefox, but not IE11! The page refreshes but I don’t get a download prompt. Any idea what the cause might be? It worked before and I don’t feel like rewriting my bot for Firefox…

I already cleared my cache and disabled pop-up blocking.

Most companies still use Internet Explorer so surely the site should work with that.