IMAP get mail messages - access to team inbox/shared inbox

Dear UiPath community,

I’m looking for a solution to access the team inbox/shared inbox using IMAP get mail messages. I’m wondering whether anyone can help me.

We have a team inbox to which quite a few of us have the access. And we want to create a robot using my email credentials to download the mail messages from the team inbox. The team inbox has a seperate email address ( And my account has the read and write right to it.

If anyone knows the solution, it’d be of great help. If possible, please share a screenshot of the configuration. Thanks a lot in advance!

Btw, I’m using UiPath.Mail.Activities 1.12.2

Even if it is the shared email account, for IMAP → you just need to provide the same required details, the server, port, folder, email and password to access that.

Is there any issue you faced while accessing the shared mailbox?

Yes. The problem is I want to use my email account and password to access the shared email inbox. How can I specify which shared email inbox do I want to access? There is no options to enter the information