Academy videos keep pausing

Hi everyone,

I have a two screen setup on my Windows machine, one screen is playing UiPath academy videos, and another one I have UiPath Studio open.

Every time I click on the UiPath screen, the video on the other screen pauses. This is really annoying, when trying to do the exercises and watching the videos at same time.

Any solutions for this problem?


Hi, welcome to the community!
This does not happen with me using chrome browser at all…


I have tried with Firefox, Chrome and Edge. With all those, I have the same issue.

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do you have the same if you watch other sources of videos like youtube? i guess it is something on your end that is causing this…

With other sources like youtube or udemy it is not like that.

Well, opening a web browser in a virtual environment, the problem disappears. Not so convenient, but works…

dont know if it makes difference but im on windows 10 and my monitors are in extended mode…

Try disabling hardware media key handling in chrome.
chrome://flags/#hardware-media-key-handling - make sure it’s disabled.

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Thank you! I tried this one and now runs a little bit better. Your help is very much appreciated!

Now Works much better