Academy video difficult to see

Hi. The academy videos are blurry and are difficult to see. The subtitles seem fine, so it does not appear to be my device. Is there any way to change the resolution on the videos?

Check your internet speed. It sets the resolution automatically according to your network speed.

Hi Dave! The resolution can’t be changed.
You can also watch the videos on Youtube - UiPath Training Essentials. It’s possible they load faster.
Andra T.
UiPath Academy Team

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Thank you! I thought it was something like that. Our internet speeds here are not always ideal.

I also have issues with video quality. I am on the broadband, test is showing up to 17 Mbps, so the speed should not be an issue. Any way to override this “automatic” setting?


One more thing.
What I have noticed is that player start loading a video, when there is small disturbance in communication, video quality drops and never recovers.
Help please - how to improve video quality?

So I have now case where first 15 secs are great, and until the end- unwatchable training materials.

Yes, the quality drops even for me at good internet speed.

Helpdesk tries to resolve it…


Same thing to me, i have very good internet speed. I’ve connected a few days ago to a bad internet connection in another place, and starting then, the video quality is bad.

I resolved it changing the browser, from Google Chrome to Internet Explorer. :slight_smile:

Suggestion: A simple button like “HQ” would be great, to change the quality any time you want.

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Having same issue as everyone else in this topic. Changing to Edge from Chrome didn’t help. YouTube for example lets you pick the quality (if you have to wait a while for the video to buffer it’s better than a blurry mess). Will try watching on YouTube but does that mean that everything has to be watched twice to progress?

Other than that, loving this learning environment and have now got a new best friend (@autobot).

Good learning peeps!

Hooray for AndraT!

I can see the video clearly in YouTube after adjusting the resolution to 1080p (in the settings cog icon bottom right hand corner of the video window)

Thanks for the link.

HI Anbdrei…

Did you get the solution for this…since i am facing the same blurred streaming in academic videos though I changed the browser from chrome to other…my internet connection is also good…In YouTube only, I could see HQ video without subtitle but not in academy…

i didn’t get any solution, but i see on above posts that you can see the video tutorials on youtube. Thats great !