Level 1 Foundation Training revamped Videos problem blurry

Hi All,

I’ve just completed the Level 1 Foundation training (I almost died when the revamped version of the training opened up today as I was in the middle of Lesson 13).

In the original version of the training the only way I could watch the videos was to watch them on youtube and change the settings quality to 720p as the videos on UiPath automatically adjust to accomodate your connection bandwidth and for me were always too blurry to view

The revamped training has a new set of videos which I haven’t been able to find on youtube (I’m not going to do the revamped version right now but I will go and do it when I’ve completed orchestrator, SAP and advanced.

I think this issue has effected multiple users in the past. Could the videos be posted on youtube or the video windows on the uipath site be changed to allow manual settings adjustments.

Many thanks,