Academy Training - Orchestrator Overview for Automation Developers - Query

I’m going through the Orchestrator overview training and have been caught out by two questions, I would appreciate your help as I don’t understand why what I’ve chosen is incorrect:

Q1 - Which of the following entities need roles assigned in Orchestrator to be able to run automations?

Choose one of the options below
Both human users and unattended robots. - Correctly unselected
Only unattended robots. - Correctly unselected
Only human users. - Correctly selected.

—> Why is the correct answer here “Only human users”, when we assign the Robot role to newly created robots in Orchestrator? If a robot isn’t assigned a Robot role, it won’t be able to run automations either. What am I misunderstanding here?

Q2 - Which of the following entities need to be mapped to the folder in order to run an unattended job?

Choose the three options that apply
Package -Incorrectly checked
Process -Incorrectly unchecked
User or Robot - Correctly checked
Machine template - Correctly checked
Queues - Correctly unchecked

—> By UiPath definition, a Process is a version of a package allocated to a folder, whereas a package is an automation project published to Orchestrator. Also in the same training, under the “Introduction to UiPath Orchestrator” it says that Published packages Paired with a Folder become Processes.

My question is - How can you map a process to a folder, when a process only becomes a process when it’s already in the folder? So you map a Package to a folder for it to become a process. You cannot map a process to the folder, a process doesn’t exist until you map a package to a folder.

I understand the point UiPath are trying to make, i.e. that you can only run an unattended job when there’s a machine, a user/robot, and a process present in a folder, but you map a machine, a user/robot and a PACKAGE, to ensure there’s a process.

Many thanks

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Just a little difference in the way question is asked…the wuestionnis not which needs roles to assign in orchestrator but the specificity is about to be able to run automations…so to run automation unattended robot will not run an automation bu thuman user will

  1. Packages need not be linked but which ever are published to tenant are available for all folders by default
  2. Processes on other hand are created in the same folder already you cannot call a process in a folder from another folder…it is already created in same
  3. Coming to robot machine and queues…all these 3 to be used by a robot should be attached to folder and also…queues can be access by a robot in a folder from a different folder as well…till you give the folder path in the gettransaction item or any other activity related to queue

Hope this helps


Hi @Anil_G

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately this is too ambiguous, my point about question 1 is that we still need to assign a folder role to a robot in Orchestrator (any role, the point here is not which specific role), we can’t just create a robot account and leave it, same as user.

As to the second question, I think you misunderstand what I’m asking because points 1-3 are not relevant. What I’m saying is that the question has “Process” as the right answer instead of “Package”, and if I look at the wording, the “process” doesn’t fit, because you cannot map a “process” to a folder, by UiPath definition, a process is “a package mapped to a folder”.

I’ve just found another one in Working with Orchestrator Resources, where it says that a Process needs to be assigned to the folder in order to run an unattended automation. Surely, this is not right? A process is only created once a package is assigned to the folder?

This topic was never answer. Can someone please confirm the answer relating to the package and process inquiry.