Academy 2: UiDemo_Walkthrough - REFramework - Can't click "log in" in UIDemo while running the script




For some reason, after I starts to run the whole process, it ends where the “UIDemo” windows pops up and then starts to type in username and password.

Then, it just hangs there without clicking “log in”, or maybe it clicked but failed and wait for timeout.

So, while it hung there, I tried to click the “log in” manually, then it didn’t work.

But after I removed the password, and the re-typed in the “password” manually, then clicked “log in”, it worked.

I’m sure the username and password in Orchestrator is correct (cause it types in username correctly, though I can’t know for sure that what it types in for PW).

Anyone is experience the same problem?


I found the reason behind it.
Never mind.


What was the reason ? I am running into same issue.


I changed my password in windows credential manager for both TestRobot-Credential and UiDemoCredential_REframework. Then it started working