Level 3 Advanced training - UiDemo - some questions


I’m trying to understand the walkthrough of the UiDemo excercise in the Level 3 Advanced training.
I’ve reached p 7 so far, where it says:

All right! It works.

Unfortunately it does not work at all :frowning:

First question:

To test InitAllApplications, we need to run the _Test.xaml file, which first reads the Config file, and then invokes our file.

No it doesn’t. My guess is that you have to add each workflow you want to test, right?

Second question:
The first error I got was: Could not find a part of the path …
The reason seems to be that I renamed the folder “Framework” to “ReFramework_UiDemo”.
When I rename the folder back to Framework, the error disappears.
The reason I renamed it in the first place was an instruction on page 1 of the walkthrough

The very first things we need to do are firstly to rename the folder “ReFramework_UiDemo”.
So my question is now: which folder needs to be renamed??? I can’t figure it out.

Third question:
Each time I try to open UiDemo I get a Security Warning.
How can I get rid of this?

4th question:
In my test run I get the following error message:
When I debug It stops at Invoke workflow File UiDemo_Login and I cannot dig deeper into this :frowning:
However when I tested the UiDemo_Login separately, it worked like a charm.
What’s going on?

Any help is much appreciated!

About the third question.
That is a windows thing. Maybe this page will help for you: https://www.howtogeek.com/256303/how-to-unblock-a-file-from-windows-publisher-could-not-be-verified-warning/

i will see if i can replicate the other issues you have.

Hi @jvanmarion

Thanks for the quick response.
I took a look at the page you suggested, unfortunately I don’t have the Always ask before opening this file checkbox, nor the unblock checkbox



This is because of UAC settings of your windows profile. I don’t advise to change your security settings. There are several tutorials available about ignoring the warning and even disabling UAC completely (not advised)

Be carefull though when changing your UAC settings. If it doesn’t bother you that much i wouldn’t change it. I think you are using windows 7 when i look at your screenshot.

This doesn’t have anything to do though with Uipath itself, its a system setting of your windows profile.

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second question:
You renamed the wrong directory. You went a level to deep with renaming.
Example: see screenshot

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Hey there,

What is the correct way?

Is it supposed to be the way it is in the screenshots? Mine is exactly like that and I am having the same issues in questions 1, 2, and 4?

Thanks for any help!

Hi Nicolette

I don’t remember the exact detailed solutions to my questions, but maybe this will help you
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