Academy 2.0 - Config excel file not read in _Test.xaml

Hello, I am currently doing the Academy 2.0 Training using the Uidemo application. I am working through the PDF for the first exercise of the academy 2.0 training. In the pdf it says "To test InitAllApplications, we need to run the _Test.xaml file, which first reads the Config file, and then invokes our file. " I do not believe the _test.xaml file is reading the config excel file and storing it as a dictionary. As a result I get an initialization error when trying to run the _test.xaml file because the file path for the application is not being supplied to my “InitAllApplications”.

Are we supposed to add a stage to read the config excel file and set up the config dictionary ourselves ?

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I’m facing the same problem. Can anyone help us with this issue?

The issue can be resolved by following below steps.

  1. In older version of UiPath: Go to Main.xaml --> Variables–>Find the variable “Config”–>Set the scope to “General Business”
  2. In newer version of UiPath, FileName “_Test.xaml” is replaced by “Tests/TestWorkflowTemplate.xaml” where the requested change is already in place so you can skip to import arguments step.

Please refer below screenshot.