About the Vote on Tutorials category

This category will be used to transparently find out the best tutorial submissions via the user voting system.

Changes to the Tutorials category

Due to the volume of new Tutorial category entries, we are revamping how new topics will be validated and added to the main Tutorials category.

From now on, all new Tutorial entries will become public in this category (there will still be a moderator approval to create a new post here, but this will be a quick check if the new entry is an actual tutorial; users often post topics that should be in the Help section).

After that, the topics can be voted on and commented on by the community. The best entries will then be added to our main Tutorials category.

How should you interact with this new category?

  • if you see a great, lengthy tutorial with a lot of knowledge - vote on it, like it, share it
  • if you see a tutorial that can be improved - let the author know how they can improve it

What are the criteria we will watch for?

This category was created to make the tutorial selection process transparent. As such, any topic will have to stay in this new category for at least a week before having a chance to be placed in the main Tutorials category.

As far as the selection criteria, it will be up to the community to validate the usefulness of the Tutorial by voting and replying to the new entries:

  • is the topic too generic and barely a snippet that can already be found on the Forum with a simple search? Let the author know.
  • is it a simple link to a video tutorial? Not gonna make it either (we have the Video Tutorials category for that)
    Please provide the authors with constructive criticism that they can use to improve their entries. It is all about sharing your knowledge in the end :slight_smile:

What we aim for will be original topics full of written content with a sprinkle of nice formatting.

As far as the approval timeline, it will be based on your feedback. We count on you to tell us which topics should we consider good entries :slight_smile:
We will occasionally go over the topics with the most votes/views/likes and decide to move some of them to the main category.

The final approval will remain in hands of the Forum Team, but it is possible that we will be assisted by some of our expert users in the process.

Reviewing the current Tutorials submissions

It is possible that some topics that are currently in the Tutorials category will be moved to the Vote on Tutorials category for further refinement.


Please let us know how you like this new arrangement.


Very good initiative @loginerror.
Such reviews will help all in the forum with good quality tutorials.