🌟 Monthly Forum Rewards - February 2024

Welcome to our February 2024 edition of the Monthly Forum rewards.

Let’s take a moment to recognize and celebrate the incredible contributions of our most dedicated members. Their commitment to sharing knowledge and helping others is what makes our community thrive. :clap:

A huge round of applause :clap: for 1st place: @Anil_G who has reached an impressive milestone of 104 solutions! @Anil_G your relentless dedication and expertise have not only solved numerous issues addressed but also inspired many of our community members to dive deeper and learn more. Thank you!

2nd place is secured by :clap: @Yoichi, who has generously contributed with 90 solutions. You are an unstoppable force, giving back to the community month after month. Thank you!

Let’s not forget the remarkable achievement of @vrdabberu, who has secured the 3rd place with 84 solutions. Your contributions have been invaluable, providing insights and answers that have helped our community members. Thank you!

Each solution not only helps the user who is asking but also serves as a learning resource for all our community members. It’s this spirit of giving, learning, and growing together that defines our community. Kudos to all the winners for their exceptional contributions!

As always, you can read February Vote on Tutorials category entries submissions here. You can vote up the ones you think should reach our main Tutorials category (you can read more about it here).

The winners! :star2:

LIST OF WINNERS (last update: 26 March 2024) :tada: :fireworks:

It’s therefore, with great pleasure that we get to announce our winners for UiPath Forum contributions in February 2024!
(entries in bold in the Reward Type column were confirmed by the user and are permanent)

Edit Table

Place Winner Reward Reward Type Country
1 @Anil_G 200$ Gift card :india:
2 @Yoichi 150$ Gift card :jp:
3 @vrdabberu 125$ Gift card :india:
4 @mkankatala 100$ Gift card :india:
5 @rlgandu 75$ Gift card :india:
6 @Parvathy 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
7 @ppr 70$ Gift Shop voucher :de:
8 @lrtetala 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
9 @pikorpa 70$ Gift Shop voucher :poland:
10 @ashokkarale 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
11 @postwick :us:
12 @Nawazish_Ahmad :india:
13 @supriya117 :india:
14 @srinivasmarneni :india:
15 @jose.ordonez1 :colombia:
16 @rikulsilva :brazil:
17 @efelantti :finland:
18 @Vinit_Mhatre :india:
19 @pravallikapaluri :india:
20 @supermanPunch :india:
21 @ptrobot :sweden:
22 @ABHIMANYU_THITE1 :india:
23 @Krishna_Raj :india:
24 @FerdinanAlberto :question:
25 @juan.porras1 :question:


Distributing rewards

As always, the starting point is that only the top 10 users are certain of a reward and the entire top 25 receives the badge :slight_smile:

We will send each user from the top 25 a private message with a form to fill in to be able to collect all replies in a timely fashion and lock in the final distribution of the rewards. Winners will have until [date=2024-03-31]to fill in the form.

No reply by this date will default to you passing on the reward to the next user in line.

Thank you :heart:

Thank you all for your contributions. The new month has already started and we will continue rewarding consistent, high-quality contributions each month. Go ahead and share your knowledge to earn your winning spot next month! :computer: :star:

PS. The rewards table also contains a column with a country. It has been pre-filled based on each user’s profile when available. If your country flag is missing or wrong, feel free to let us know and we will update it :slight_smile:

Any feedback? :slight_smile:

Feel free to share below any constructive feedback about our Monthly Forum Rewards. We’re always looking to improve.


Congratulations to all the winners :tada:
Well done guys


Congratulations everyone :star_struck: :tada: :partying_face:
Well done guys


Congratulations everyone :clap::partying_face:


Congrats everyone …keep up the good work



Congratulations to all top 25 awardees, keep rocking!! :partying_face:


Congratulations everyone :tada::confetti_ball:


Congratulations everyone :tada:


Congratulations everyone!


Hello community… I am very glad to see so many winners who have provided excellent solutions, but what I am most glad is that they bring the knowledge so valuable in the forum, thx guys …, Kind regards :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: @loredana_ifrim @Anil_G @Yoichi @vrdabberu @mkankatala @rlgandu @Parvathy @ppr @YAZEED_ABU_IRTEMEH @lrtetala @pikorpa @ashokkarale @postwick @Nawazish_Ahmad @supriya117 @srinivasmarneni @jose.ordonez1 @rikulsilva @efelantti @Vinit_Mhatre @pravallikapaluri @supermanPunch @ptrobot @ABHIMANYU_THITE1 @Krishna_Raj @ferdinan_alberto @juan.porras1


Congratulations to all the winners :tada::slight_smile:


Congratulations everyone and thank you for making the forum a better place to look for solutions when in need.

Thank you team @uipath, for recognizing the people who actively take part in the community and for initiatives such as forum challenge.

Happy automating everyone.!!


Thank you team for all your efforts to make this community every day better. Thank you for the recognition and congratulations to everyone, keep up the great job.

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