🌟 Monthly Forum Rewards - June 2023

Welcome to our June 2023 edition of the Monthly Forum rewards.

It is heartwarming to see the extent to which our users are all helping each other automate. Two users shined the brightest this past month, and it won’t be a surprise to you who they were :slight_smile:. @Yoichi took the win and the first place this month, but his outstanding count of 195 solutions was not that far from the 184 solutions scored by the second-place winner @Anil_G! This breaks @Anil_G’s long-lasting streak of scoring first place! It was a great run! But we can’t forget the third-place winner which goes to @raja.arslankhan whose generosity to help other users earned him 53 solutions.

As always, you can read May Vote on Tutorials category entries submissions here. You can vote up the ones you think should reach our main Tutorials category (you can read more about it here).

The winners! :star2:

LIST OF WINNERS (last update: 2 August 2023) :tada: :fireworks:

It’s therefore with great pleasure that we get to announce our winners for UiPath Forum contributions in June 2023!
(entries in bold in the Reward Type column were confirmed by the user and are permanent)

Place Winner Reward Reward Type Country
1 @Yoichi 200$ Passed on the reward :jp:
2 @Anil_G 200$ Gift card :india:
3 @raja.arslankhan 150$ Gift card :pakistan:
4 @arjunshenoy 125$ Gift card :india:
5 @ppr 100$ Passed on the reward :de:
6 @adiijaiin 100$ Gift card :india:
7 @prateek.mehandiratta9 75$ Gift card :india:
8 @nikhil.girish 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
9 @Irene 70$ Gift Shop voucher :question:
10 @Arvind_Kumar1 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
11 @Nitya1 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
12 @argin.lerit 70$ Gift Shop voucher :philippines:
13 @postwick :us:
14 @Srini84 :india:
15 @supermanPunch :india:
16 @lrtetala :question:
17 @AkshaySandhu :question:
19 @jack.chan :cn:
20 @Gokul001 :india:
21 @efelantti :finland:
22 @pravallikapaluri :question:
23 @mkankatala :question:
24 @AutomationX_by_Kiran :question:
25 @Parvathy :question:


Distributing rewards

As always, the starting point is that only the top 10 users are certain of a reward and the entire top 25 receives the badge :slight_smile:

We will send each user from the top 25 a private message with a form to fill in to be able to collect all replies in a timely fashion and lock in the final distribution of the rewards. Winners will have until 2023-07-16T00:00:00Z to fill in the form.

No reply by this date will default to you passing on the reward to the next user in line.

Thank you :heart:

Thank you all for your contributions. The new month has already started and we will continue rewarding consistent, high-quality contributions each month. Go ahead and share your knowledge to earn your winning spot next month! :computer: :star:

PS. The rewards table also contains a column with a country. It has been pre-filled based on each user’s profile when available. If your country flag is missing or wrong, feel free to let us know and we will update it :slight_smile:

Any feedback? :slight_smile:

Feel free to share below any constructive feedback about our Monthly Forum Rewards. We’re always looking to improve.


@loredana_ifrim Thank you. Congratulations everyone for great efforts to maintain active community.


Congratulations Everyone✨


Congratulations Everyone :slight_smile:


Congrats everyone :slight_smile: . Keep up the good work. Nice race @Yoichi


Thanks @loredana_ifrim

Great Work Everyone, Congratulations.


Thank you @loredana_ifrim
Congratulations team! Keep up the spirit :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2:


Congratulations all! :smiley: :confetti_ball:


Congratulations to all the winners :tada:
Well done guys :clap:

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Congratulations Everyone :partying_face:

Congrats All!! :star2:

Congrats All :robot: :confetti_ball: :tada:

Congratulations :clap: :clap:

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Congrats to all winners… :boom: