Update to Integration Service Activities completely breaks functionality of Microsoft Teams Get Record

I was writing a tutorial for the Vote on Tutorials category subforum. Both for documenting my own finding and to help others that might encounter in the same desperate situation as me, after being able to find any related documentation from UiPath, neither any kind of reference on the whole internet, and after opening a support ticket and not getting any reply to such a simple question, just to find out today in the morning that they replied yesterday night at almost 11 PM, in the night, hours after I left work and even more hours since I discovered the answer on my own. And guess what? The answer they sent me was WRONG. So here I was, documenting it for the rest of Humanity.

Well, to write everything as accurate as possible, I was triple-checking that I was referring to the proper activities, as there’s two or three that overlap functionality and not even in the doc pages ( Activities - Activities (uipath.com), Activities - About the Microsoft Teams activity package (uipath.com), Integration Service - About the Microsoft Teams connector (uipath.com) - that’s already confusing to me) they bother writing/mentioning what’s the assembly for the package they are talking about, so at least you could check in the Properties sub-windows of the activity in Studio. I was also deleting the unproper packages to avoid the slightest mistake.

Then I realized that there was an update in what was the proper package I was talking about: Integration Service Activities, from v1.2.0 to v1.3.0, and it had to happen just TODAY!

Well, I made a copy of the project (because I already feared what could probably happen) and proceeded to update. Tried to run the project. You know what happened? GOT AN ERROR. You know what’s going on? THEY COMPLETELY BORKE THE FUNCTIONALITY.

That’s the “Properties” subwindow of the Get Record activity. Look. There’s nothing there. The Multiple Assign next to it was using the OUTPUT from Get Record. But now… there’s no output!! How are you supposed to get a record of whatever… if there’s not output result??

Compare it to the v1.2.0 activity:

So this is my penitence. This is my daily work: spend the day trying to figure out poorly documented or not documented at all things, broken functionality, breaking functionality after updates, contacting support and waiting hours for a reply, then getting non-working replies, having online meetings, writing in the forum, documenting things for myself and mates. Not really advancing work at all.

How is it possible that they release new versions that broken?? Aren’t they applying any regression tests? No beta testing, no quality assurance, no nothing? OMG, loads of customers can be potentally affected by these things.

Hi @pere,

I understand your Studio version is 23.10.3. I tried reproducing your problem like this:

  1. Create a Windows project with Integration Service Activities v1.2.0.
  2. Add the MicrosoftTeams - Get Record activity.
  3. Select the “Teams” object.
  4. Create an output variable for the Get Record activity.
  5. Run and check that everything is OK.
  6. Upgrade Integration Service Activities to v.1.3.0.
  7. Check that the output property still exists.
  8. Run and check that everything is OK.

I tried this in different variations like copying the project before the upgrade or copying the project without the “.locals” folder before the upgrade, but I could not reproduce the issue.

Can you take a look at what I did and point out any differences or anything that I might have missed?
An example broken project would greatly help us with debugging.

Thank you!

As I already mentioned in the ticket I opened for this:

I kept a copy of the project where I didn’t perform the update, just in case.

But, after a while, I removed a package I was not supposed to be using and caused further confusion (the Microsoft Teams v5.0.5-preview one). After that… I experienced the same problem.

Then I reinstalled it and the output variable field reappeared in the activity. Removed the -preview package and thankfully the activity remained intact.

Then, unfortunately, the project got corrupted in other ways I’m explaining in the ticket.

Gonna close this and it’s more complex that seemed at the beginning.
Probably it’s the interaction with the 3 overlapping Teams packages that caused this and not the update itself, althought in the time of events it happened it made me think it was that. More info in “Could not load file or assembly” “the system cannot find the file specified” when debugging - Feedback / Studio - UiPath Community Forum. The case is in the hands of Customer Service.

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