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Hi all,

I have example with Native Citrix. I want to get number from 2 PDF file as below picture & PDF file…

I have used Native Citrix and successful when get number from one pdf file, but it show error when I chose 2rd pdf & run program.

Pls support me this issue.

Thanks you so much!1.pdf (24.2 KB)

2.pdf (590.2 KB)
Native Citrix.xaml (23.7 KB)

Hi… I have a important lesson. It will support me very much!

Pls support to me to resolve this lesson.

Thanks you master!


please try this workflow…it is working for me. just set zoom level to 100%

ReadFrompdf.xaml (30.3 KB)


Thanks thanks so much… I have understood 80% your program…

But only one problem, I could not understand about the " Find Element " as below.

I have used find element activity to chose region , after use TypeInto activity … But the program not run and show error.ReadFrompdf-NEW.xaml (28.5 KB)

3.pdf (979.4 KB)


You can ignore that activity…
That was just to automate zoom level.

Hi, My organization is checking and contacting directly to buy UiPath license. I really want to learn closely to deploy some processes in my organization.

I have tried to use find element or Image but still could not combined with Get Element Or Get OCR Text.

Might has any special acts in this if want to use Find Element Or Image Activity ?

what are the issues ?

have you gone through the academy training, if not i would encourage you to go through training.

if you still have some concern about anything feel free to drop mail me at - adityatech04@gmail.com


Thanks you so much always.

I have joined into some academy training course ^^… I have tested with Find Element & Image to combine with Get OCR text but very hard ^^

Pls kindly check link for my question : Get Text from PDF - #20 by trunghai



have you tested my code with zoom level of 100% ?

it is working for both cases which you have provided…please let me know if it not working for some other pdf (may be some special cases.:P)

Hi, sorry for late reply to you.

I have tested with zoom level of 100% but it not run not exactly because I think have different about the resolution or position between items which we want to take.

Another case. How to combine Find Image + Get Text to receive Price information as in below picture and attached PDF file ? I have tried sometime but very hard to get.

Thanks you master!3.pdf (979.4 KB)
4.pdf (1.6 MB)


so, if i understand your requirement correctly, you want to extract sum from all different Scanned invoices (using OCR) ?
if this is so then Abbyy is best tool for you…

Yes, I want to get Price Total from many scanned PDF file… You have any ideas do this case with UiPATH only ?


if invoice pdf are so dynamic then it will fail so better to go with Abbyy…


Thanks you so much always @rahatadi

Hi, I have one question.

Abbyy can got text from Scanned PDF with different resolution & format ?

Might we use combine UiPath & Abbyy to get number from Scanned PDF and input to excel file or SAP ?

Yes…you can train abbyy as per project need.
You can get numbers from different resolution and format.
Even abby can sort pdfs.
Abby has ML model in it so it can learn over time…
You can train abbyy model and retrain also…
And best part is combine solution(uipath+abbyy) is also available…


More info. ABBYY Flexicapture integration with UiPath