Problem with CV screen scope (OCR)


I am trying to get an element from a website. I use the CV screen scope microsoft OCR activity and CV get full text within that activity. The problem is when i try to get an element that contains both numbers and letters the numbers are changed to letters. Ex DKUN0001 gets saved as DKUNOOOI. So the letter “O” instead of zero, and “I” instead of one.

I hope someone can solve my problem.

If you really need OCR, then you have to keep trying different settings of engines until you get the desired results…

change the SCALE property in Microsoft OCR so that you will get the desired value whose value can be between 0 - 1 and its default value is 1

Cheers @lada

I have to use it for certain parts of my work flow. I have tried different solutions. Sometimes it works, and sometime it does not. It does still mix up letters and numbers. The thing is that each time that i use OCR the element it has to read contains four letters, in the beginning, and four numbers, in the end. Do you know if it possible to get the OCR to read the first four as letters, and the last four as numbers.


No we cant do that explicitly as that would be read by OCR usually as how it looks when obtained as image
may be we can install CITRIX extension
did we try with that option, because on installing it we will be able to identify elements as individual elements even in CITRIX environment

Cheers @lada

I cannot download the extension. It seems like it is not ready yet.

if you already know the pattern of what you will read, you could implement some correction code, like take the result and validate as your rule, if fails, you could do something like 1 = l, 6=G or something like it…

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