Bot Run fine in UiPath studio but not run from orchestrator


My newly created BOT runs fine when I debug it or run it on a dedicated server but when I Publish the project and run it from orchestrator it doesn’t run properly. Can someone clarify what causes this. and how to rectify this issue…

Also, I tried by changing Click activity properties as simulate click,
Checked the published version.

Please Help me to fix this.


Hi @Aravind_Sundaravadanam

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Can you share the error screenshot. Do you communicate with the chrome browser?

Are people logging into your servers (where the unattended jobs run)? When someone logs into the server as the same account the robot uses, then they just close the RDP window, it causes these issues. Humans shouldn’t be logging into your servers, but if they do then they must SIGN OUT completely - not just close the RDP window.

Remote into your server with the same account the robot uses, then SIGN OUT. Now run the automation and see if it works.

Hi @Aravind_Sundaravadanam ,

Please make sure your Uipath robot is installed as service and not in user mode. Check if there is a a Uipath service running in services when your assistant is running in your machine. If not you will have to reinstall Uipath studio and make sure to select “Register as services” while installation