About Older Version Libraries

We have a library which is older version of 2021, my Uipath studio version is 2022,when i trying to use the older version in my work flow, throwing an error as internal critical error. is there any possible way to use older version libraries in new version of studio

Hello @Sharathkumar

Can you try updating the dependency packages? Go to manage package->dependency->Update all the packages and check whether its working or not.

To get the classic activites and mdoern activites, you can enable classic or modern in the project panel (click on filter panel) or from settings you can enable or disable use modern designer for project.

clone the same library as workflow file , its working fine.but when i’m trying to install it as library in other workflow its showing an error,even though i have update the version for the library .

@Sharathkumar do you mean using the invoke workflow? or can you share the screenshot here

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when downgrading the refenrenced packages from the Project which is consuming the library to a compatible level it should work also on a newer Studio Version. When using later/latest package version e.g. UiPath.System.Acitivities or a not compatible targetframework the it can conflict.

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I can’t upload the ss of it,bcoz of someother reasons,yeah it is kind of invoke the work flow only,basically we develop a process , in that one part of the work we need to do always, instead doing everytime, we used to drag and drop the library in that process.but problem is, libraryis older version which is made in 2021 uipath studio version , mine is 2022 version.

@Sharathkumar Then you will have to update the library to the latest version.

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