Fluent Upgrade from UiPath Studio Version 2020.10.2 to 2022.4.4

We have some workflows made up in UiPath studio version 2020.10.2 and we now wish to upgrade to 2022.4.4 which is the latest version of UiPath.

We have a On Prem Orchestrator based on version 2020.10.5

What difficulties can come accross while upgrading can anyone explain ?

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could it be the case that the versions are swapped, otherwise it looks like a downgrade

Let us clear sort out

  • UiPath Studio Version
  • Workflows made with a particular Studio Version

Workflows are done with a UiPath Studio and are built with the consumption of referenced nuget packages. Here the project.json defines the dependencies to the packages and its versions

A particular Studio Version comes with new features- compared to other versions - ,functionalities , Bugfixes and maybe also Bugs within the IDE.

In short: Using a newer UiPath version is not mandatory upgrading the the referenced packages also to a newer version (when not wrongly touched the dependency definitions)

In other words: Even with a Studio 2020.X we can define dependencies for a workflow which are on a newer level e.g. 2021.X

– a UiPath Studio

  • most often: the above described independend things are mixed up and unwanted package upgrades are done
  • new created projects are started on an unwanted package level (does mean, we want to work with the newest UiPath Studio Version, but till End of particular period also new modelled projects are to be defined on a didicated package version level. Unwanted the project was started with a different version)

And now also coming more to your question from another viewpoint. Incompabilities when UiPath version swithing can be found on release notes and package constrraints

Hi @Ishan_Shelke

Regarding the update of the Studio to 2022.4.4 kindly note is compatible with Orchestrator 2020.10.5, find the link here.
On the other hand, updating an older Studio does not affect the existing processes, But keep in mind to check the project dependencies packages.
Anyway, the project dependencies packages are not affected by this updating due to all of these are held on the Project.json file, link.

Let me know if you need any extra information :grimacing: :grimacing:

Thanks for the Info Guys Cheers. :slight_smile:

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Iam new to UI Path. I got a project I need help. How to add 2 data rows of datatype double.

Hi @Jyothi_SUVERA. i would suggest creating a new topic as this thread already has a resolved answer


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