Version Issue using in library and in Process

I am running a process that’s using UiPath.System.Activities version 21.10.4 in the library but in the process it’s using 22.10.3 how do i upload the latest version into the library for the bot to be able to use this

Hi @duaine.b ,

I believe we would require to update the Library by opening the library source code and updating the required package and publishing a newer version of it.

Then update the Process with the Updated Library version.

do you have a step by step of this or documentation I can review please

  • Open your custom library in UiPath Studio
  • In Project panel → find the UiPath.System.Activities → right-click Manage

  • Select from the Version the 22.10.3 version → Update → Save

  • Check the library to not have any errors → Publish the library

  • Open your Process in UiPath Studio → do the same for your custom library → update it → Make sure that the process run → Publish a new version to Orchestrator → Update the Process in the Orchestrator Folder