About License


We use virtual server for UiPath Orchestrator.

The question:

・The license is charged on non-active server using server cluster framework ?
・The license is charged on either physical CPU, virtual server CPU or install-based license ?

As to front office and back office license,

The license is charged on VDI,too ?


If you are using Orchestrator for production purposes you must purchase the license. This is a one-off license fee for the instance of Orchestrator on the server (I’m not sure whether it being active is relevant). The license will apply to that specific machine.

Front and Back Office (attended and unattended) licenses are charged per machine, however, they can also be applied to a user account instead but it is still 1-2-1.

Does that answer?


Thanks for reply. One license is charged per physical machine itself, so that there is no charge on virtual server installed to the physical machine.