Ability to specify an Area Path in Azure DevOps integration

We’re just starting to work with Test Manager and, when linking to our Azure DevOps, we’re finding that the available options are not fine-grained enough to manage this efficiently in our case.

Our Azure DevOps setup is focused around a limited number of Projects with many individual teams within a given DevOps project with their individual backlogs managed within their own Area Paths.

We would like to replicate this per-team structure within Test Manager whereby each Test Manager project would be able to synchronise with each Azure DevOps Project/Area Path combination.

Any chance that such an enhancement to the connector could be foreseen?

Many thanks.

Thank’s for sharing these details. Indeed there might be some improvements within this year to help you replicating your team structure.

First, we are about to release a totally new approach to tool integration. This will extend the capabilities significantly. Will be within the next days or weeks. Stay tuned.

Structuring within a project will in future more and more happen through object labels. We will have some features which are planned for later this year which might help here.


Hi Gernot,

Thanks for the update.

Looking forward to trying out the extended capabilities.

If you are looking for some more information about how we structure our projects within DevOps to help guide your improvements, feel free to reach out.

Thanks again.


Just found this older post. You might take a look at Test Manager Connect. This is the new integration solution for UiPath Test Manager powered by Tasktop. The integration capabilities for Azure DevOps are far beyond the native integration of Test Manager.

Test Manager Connect will become the default integration solution for Test Manager in future.


Thanks Gernot - this indeed is the option that we followed to resolve this question

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