Is it possible to integrate UiPath Test Manager with TFS?

Is there a way to integrate Test Manger with TFS? The documentation said that its possible to integrate test manager with other ALM tools and there is a section on how to integrate with JIRA but I have no luck finding anything on integrating with other ALM tools.

Which version of TFS?

Hi Gernot,

It would be version 16.122.26918.3


At the moment it is planned to only support v5.0 and above of the Azure Devops API.

Hi Gernot.This is my scenarios---->.if i will create test case or will add any story into JIRA and that get automatically should reflect into Test manager. And i know it is possbile as this i have seen in one of the video . So my questions is what is the procedure to do the connection so that it will do the same for me. Can u please tell me the integration process

With Jira this is possible for Stories or any type representing a requirement. Test cases are supported in conjunction with the Xray test management plugin for Jira. Follow the steps as explained in the documentation to set that up.

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Hello ,

Were you able to connect to TFS …?