Ability for the bot to send from different mailbox

Hi UiPath Family,

We have process automations where we send emails using different mailbox rather than using bot’s own mailbox. This functionality is not working for one of the bot machine but is working fine in other machine and automated processes. We have checked the configurations and permissions available to the bot, everything seems alright but the message still not going through that particular mailbox.
We also tried sending the mails manually using the bot machine and it came through correctly, we are able to replicate it in UAT, we have achieved this in some other bot processes as well but it is only not working for this one process. Can someone help in this regard please?


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Can you please tell what error you are facing and how the values are provided and is it a shared mailbox youa re tryint to send mail as?and what versions you are using


Use the Send SMTP Mail Message activity to send the emails. Then you can put whatever you want for the from address and name.