Send mail not from VM mail but from another mail address through VM machine

Right know i’m using “Send Outlook mail message” activity to send error or success mails through robots. And its using the VM mail address.
But I want to change it so that I send from the specifik mail address we have created specifik for the type of robot. Like:
HR robot will use HR mail address to send from and Finance robot will use finance mail address to send.
Remember that SSO is configured on that mail addresses and no need for username and password.

Which activity I can use to do that as outlook activity is not giving that posibility?

Hi @Ellen

Use Send SMTP Mail message activity

@Ellen you are using the modern activities or classic?

I tried with Send SMTP mail message and its giving error “Host name is unknown”

Using Classic activity.

You can specify the Account property in the Send Outlook Mail Message activity, if you want to use a different account than the system default.



If those are shared mailboxes then you just need to add them to outlook and then in the send mail activity in account field give the shared mailbox email address


you should go with exchange activities and need to configure the below properties

When i add another outllook mail address to that Account… It was no access to that mail address.


Did you happen to add the shared mailbox to outlook?


Hi @Ellen

Please try to use Send SMTP Mail Message activity . Pass required parameters like server name , port number , email recipients , and set SecureConnection = false .
Hope it helps .

OK I tried with Send outlook Mail message activity … and just added “SendOnBehalfOfName” my HR mail name … and it working.
IT shows that It has send from HR mail address…

But now I have one question… In the send mailbox on VM machine it show that send mail.
Can we change that login as well? So I shows the send mail also from the perticular HR mail box?


As it is a shared mail box and send on behalf is added the mail would be sent on behalt but would be oresent in the normal sent only


I got it but… Is there any way where that can be possible?

Asking this due to… we have only 3 VM now and if we extend than It will be hard to figur out where robot has ran and which VM I have to check feks. if an error mail is send.

So to avoid that I am thinking that we have a support mail box.
If I assign that support mail box to all VM and then use that to send mails from… Is it a good way to do or not?


Generally that is the better way to do …also its better the send items stay with that bot id as it would be easy to seggregate for you from where the email has been actually sent

if you want may be in cc/bcc you can add your bot id only so that mail is stored and you would know as well


Thanks a lot…
I exactly did that… means I added MachineName in the process to see where current transation is ran from.

Thanks for your support @Anil_G.

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