Difference between FineReader engine and FlexiCapture engine inside Uipath

Hi, i know that it’s possible to connect FineReader engine and get access to ABBYY OCR activity. But is it possible to connect FlexiCapture engine to get the same activity? If yes, what is the difference between them inside Uipath?

Hi @yaroslav_garbar

Check this


Ashwin S

Before asking my question here, i got acquinted with all possible information, including your link. Yet, it doesn’t answer my question.

Hi there, @yaroslav_garbar

There are two types of ABBYY licenses - 1. Standalone - and 2. Distributive (Multi station - VM system)

So for Flexicapture the connector should be provided by the owner of that custom component and you should have a valid license for you to work with abbyy. Standalone can work with the local instance with a single machine for lower amount of work (maybe for example less than 50k pages of recognition?)

Request/inquire for the connector if you have distributive license.