Aaname missing

I have started learning UI Path and following the first tutorial. When i select the time in bucharest, the design panel shows it but when i go to selector editor, i don’t have the aaname there. What am i doing wrong?

I am seeing following:

<webctrl aria-role='heading' parentid='rso' tag='DIV' />

Get Text Div is showing the time.

I couldn’t upload the pic with question so uploading it here

Welcome to the community @tahir.jadoon! :partying_face:

Have you tried using UI Exploer? It gives you more selector options.

Then click indicate element.

Also give try by using differen ui-Frameworks.

it can be changed by above indicated utton or pressing F4 while taking the selector

@Steven_McKeering after selecting indicate anchor, the following happened. Now how do i get the designer updated? Today is my second day with the designer so need little help figuring out this.

Hey @tahir.jadoon

Now copy over the below text into the “edit selector” dialog box in studio.