Aadhaar Masking

Need to mask aadhaar number in Aadhaar Card scanned image. Can some one suggest me with some solution.

Hey @abhiseky93

Not sure If it is the optimal solution.

But you can try the following :slight_smile:

  1. Once you have the Image with you …
  2. open the Aadhar Image in Paint or photoshop or any other photo editing tool .
  3. Try Masking the same with the hep of BOT in paint (can be done by drawing a line over aadhar details).
    4.save the Masked Image Back to some folder.


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Thanks mukesh but my aadhaar scanned image can be vertical,horizontal,down sided position is not fixed. Is there any way in which i can get text position(boundingbox) in image

@abhiseky93 You can Do Encryption or you can save them in binary in database and retrieve them when you require.

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@abhiseky93 There is a qr code in every aadhaar card and there is a custom activity to read this qr code so you can get all details .

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just need to mask aadhaar no of aadhaar card is there any way to get coordinates of aadhaar number or text coordinates of images

@abhiseky93 Hey. I have an API solution exactly for you. We have an accuracy of >99.9% to mask any Aadhaar format/orientation. Let me know if you are interested - sarthak@invoid.co
I would be more than happy to share the doc with you