How to mask a particular value in a image or document?

I am new to Ui-path and need to mask a particular value but I don’t know how to do it.


Please share and example what are you trying to accomplish? Provide an input example and expected output


Thanks @fernando_zuluaga For your response :slightly_smiling_face:.

I have attached the image here.

Actually this is an example… like wise i need to do my task.


Do you need to extract that value? Or need to format your current value into 123-45-6789?

i just want to mask the number. Refer above images left unmasked and right -masked.

Hi @Selvaganapathy_T ,

Could you Check the below post :

Let us know if this doesn’t work and also let us know what exactly was the issue faced.

Thanks @supermanPunch
It works…

But how can I get the paramater of an text in a image… is there any possible way to get the Parameter of text…?

@Selvaganapathy_T ,

We could try with OCR’s available and check if we will be able to get the position of the words that you are looking for. Then perform a check of the x & y co-ordinates of the image. Use that in the Invoke Method Parameters. However, the height & width of the Masked Rectangle that needs to be drawn should be decided by testing, so that you could get the accurate height and width to mask the data.

But if the image is of the same format always, then you wouldn’t need to read the image using an OCR. You would just require to understand one image’s co-ordinates manually first and then use it in the Parameters, as the inputs would be in the same format always. You can find the co-ordinates by using the Paint application as shown and highlighted in the image below :

At the bottom left of the Window, the highlighted part shows us the x & y co-ordinates. We can use it and then narrow the numbers down by testing it.

For the above Image, I was able to use the below Parameters and make the Masking :

Output :

Let us know if you get inputs of different format, we could maybe work towards making it a dynamic capture of the x & y co-ordinates.

It was’t work with my problem… i have to mask the field based on the keyword. if the document have the keyword in it, i have to mask it… how to do it? @supermanPunch & @fernando_zuluaga

@Selvaganapathy_T ,

As it was mentioned earlier the requirement was to mask the number and the number was assumed to always appear in the same position of the image. Hence, we provided a similar suggestion.

However, If you want the masking to happen based on keyword, then could you give us an example of the keyword present in the image and what you would like to mask ?

Also let us know or get a confirmation on the Image templates/types that you would be receiving. If there are different templates then we would also like to know how the keyword is present in these templates and if there is a different way of masking that happens for these different images.


This is one format… we need to mask… and is field based.

and here i have to mask based on keyword and and every template are different from each other what should i do? @supermanPunch and keyword for this CFTFK and adults and telephone number

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