Image mask with Uipath


Is it possible to mask some text in image with the help of uipath?

E.g, I want to mask first four digit of Driver license which is in scanned format.

Is it possible to do it?

Hi @Manikandasamy - Have a look on the below thread

Did u get the solution??

Yes, But its not 100% accuracy. Here’s what i have done.

  1. Load image
  2. Use Omni page OCR to extract the coordinates and text
  3. Used Regex to extract the particular text from OCR results.
  4. Used for each row of OCR results and masked the image using Graphics.FillRectangle ( Invoke Method)

Note : Its purely depends on the OCR engine results. am able to mask 75% of documents using this technique.

i need to mask a particular value which is corresponding to a fixed value…

for example - SSN 875897495

i need to mask the value that digits
SSN is common

is it from an image or pdf?
The coordinates are always fixed ?

From an image , screenshot

corordinates varies thats what the issue is.

You can extract the coordinates using ocr engine.

As much i tried omnipage ocr is working fine for me.

You can get the get the coordinates for all extracted stribgs and you can use for each to find your string.