Facing problem in extracting aadhar card using Document understanding

Hi all,

I have doing a self project on extracting aadhar card details.I am using document understanding.Whether i use keyword extractor or machine learning its unable to extract name of the person.

The images are clicked from phone and i am using UiPath document ocr

In some images it is like
First name: Name

Some its like



Have you tried with pdf activities

check it once its better if the fields are not constant

or you need to use different extractor for different Aadhar card types


Actually i want to make a project with DU only, so can you kindly help me out

Also i need to ask do i have to use separate DU activites as for ex there i a single aadhar card but there are two images of it front and back…front contains name etc…and back contains address

@supermanPunch need help man!

Hi @Jai_Pande ,

Could you let us know upto what stage have you performed the Process Design ?

What is the Model used ? If DU Model, what was the number of documents used for Training (Labelling+Pipeline Run) ?

There are 5 docs available. 1 Aadhar card and 1 pan card. Each has 2 documents namely:- Front and Back


Then you need to use two extractor one for Pancard other for Aadhar Card


yes but aadhar card too has two pages front and back…and when i am extracting the front page there is data of back page also in present validation station

@Jai_Pande ,

Not yet fully able to understand the implementation done. Could you let us know the progress of the implementation upto now as previously mentioned ?

Oh! the model used is Document Understanding with Flowchart brother, actually i am unable to extract the name its showing something else in validation station


try with form extractor or Regex based extractor



can you confirm if you have performed labeling the data and trained the model.


guys its always showing Yes in field of name, that the major problem here

i am using trainer after present validation station , the workflow is as follows:- Taxo…digitization…classify…extraction…present validation station…and then classifier trainer

using form extractor


try once with regex based extractor as you are not getting the appropriate values using Form extractor


ok and should i create separate document types in taxo for aadhar card front and back??


see basically we use one taxinomy for one type of pdf,as aadharfront and back as combined will called as a single pdf

for pan card you need to add another one in the taxinomy

okay i have two separate images of aadhar card brother…front and back