"aa name" value coming up from selector in output Excel

Hello every one.

I was trying to get address value from web application to excel through get text. But I am getting address value with “aa name” like “Address 1 7508 View Point Lane” instead of 7508 View Point Lane.

I unchecked “aa name” in selector even then it is popping up in Excel output. PFA below and could anyone please help me here.

aa%20name address%20aa%20name

@srinucslt - Could you post the screenshot of the portion of the web app and the XAML file?


It seem the scraper result also scraping the Text Label (“Address 1”).
You might try another scraper method or tune in the selector.

Or use a string split operation, similar to this :

textAddress = textAddress.Split({“Address 1”,""},StringSplitOptions.None)(1)

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Thank you so much Rudy @hermawan String Split works but still can’t understand why scraper is behaving weird. Any thoughts on this selector issue? Have you faced similar to this?


UiPath provide several Get Text and Selector method.
Scrape the text with Anchor Base Activity - Find Element or using the UIExplorer - Indicate Anchor might give you better result.

For the UiPath Selector please take a look at the UiPath Academy - Level 1 Developer Foundation - Lesson 6 Selector.

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