Every aaname attribute

Dear Community,
how Can I access every single aaname attribute on a website?
I could not find a tablerow attribute so far.
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Hi @a_kay - When you do spy an object using UiExplorer, you need to manually check the “aaname” attribute on the right side pane.

For some of the object the aaname appears, however if not there then we need to manually check that in the selector


Dear AnandKumar,
I need a procedure which gives me the string value of that aaname and puts it into the list

I want to iterate through each AANAME element and write it down.

Hi, I am not clear about your query. However I would like to ask you that have you tried with “Get Attribute” activity? Which gives the string value of that “aaname”.

Is that what you are asking?


so every row has its own aaname which contains the value i need to have.
how can I collect them all at once?

thank you for your helP!

Hi, I’m not sure how to collect all at once. Can we try to check the selector of two values and identify the unique value between them. Something like row id or some other value where we can pass the counter inside the selector.

So for example if it is first row it would be row 1 hence you can pass the counter 1 to the selector and get the aaname attribute value for that first row, then increment the counter to 2 then get the second aaname value. Like this so on.


Hi @a_kay,
Use Data Scraping in which you can get all the data in the form of Table. Then use for each loop to iterate through each row.

I could not identify anything that looks like a unique value between them.

i already did that one part is missing which i can find in the aaname attribute

Then Use “Get Attribute” Activity to get the “aaname” for each row.

but as you can see from the ui explorer screenshot up here there is no rowid or something like that

Use Data scraping and store in a datatable db1.
then use for each loop for db1.
in that loop assign a variable (row.item(1).tostring)
then use “Get Attribute” Activity in that select “aaname” and store in it a variable.

Give a try on the find children activity
Once you retrieve all elements you can iterate over the children and e.g. collecting all aanames into a list or array.

reading the aaname property is done with: uiElementVariable.Get(“aaname”).toString

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thank you i will try that

find children activity will output a list/collection uielements
with for each activity you can iterate over this
dont mix it up with for each row acitivty

@a_kay just post screenshot from your workflow in general and we will help you

Sequence3.xaml (10.8 KB)

that does not work somehow this way i just get an empty string

You worked with table scraping -
check in the assign and change to row.item(0).toString (Remove your surrounding brackets
Debug your workflow and and check in the locals panels what is the content of the datatable

Ergebnis is empty as there is no element, selector or other target defined for the get Attribute activity

However get Attribute will not work for as it is intended for an uielement

But you are dealing with a datatable and with rows and columns

I would suggest to do this with find children activity would be more reliable and flexible

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