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I have troubles getting a robust selector for the Excel ‘Name box’, which is the little window where it says which cell is active (see picture). This is important to me as I am looking for a specific value (a string) in a big excel worksheet and if I find it - I need the row number of that specific value (ideally to save it as a variable for further usage).

My approach was to “Find Cell” and then copy the number out of the ‘Name Box’ but every time I open and close the excel workbook the selector becomes invalid. Although if I click indicate on screen again it creates exactly the same selector. Super frustrating.

Can anyone with a little bit more experience than me give me a hint on how to fix this issue??
Btw. yes, I also used UiExplorer without any luck:(

Use anchor base


But most of the excels supports selector for this box until unless you Excel title is different in seletor than the one which you are using…

Thank you for the fast response @Vivek_Arunagiri.

Can you maybe share a sample workflow, for a random excel file?
I never used anchor base.

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Hi @Divyashreem

to be honest, I don’t exactly understand what you are saying. :blush:
I am always using the same excel with the same name and still, the selector becomes invalid after closing and reopening the excel file.

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share your selector here

Thank you for the fast response @Divyashreem and sorry for the delayed answer.

The Selector code is as follows:
<wnd aaname='Name Box' cls='ComboBox' />
<wnd aaname='Name Box' cls='Edit' />
<ctrl name='Name Box' role='editable text' />

Namebox.zip (10.3 KB)

Like I mentioned earlier, I need to find the Number of the Row(126) which says “Hello”.
Therefore I was going to search for the word and then use get text or scrape data from the name box. But the selector for Name box doesn’t work…:confused:

Found the Solution inside the forum go here:

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