A xaml file with data services related activities has errors after opening

When I open the xaml the next time, all activities related to data services using the entities etc are marked as “This activity is missing or could not be loaded.”


I work hard on a xaml file with activities related to data services, fine tuning the properties and what have you, and then even save, analyze for workflow errors etc and publish it too. This is frustrating that your work has to be repeated and I have given up on it now. What am I doing wrong? Is Data services package messed up or something?

You didn’t lose any work. Your XAML file is completely intact. Look at your project tab, at the dependencies. You have something missing or broken. Or you installed a newer/later version which broke the activity references.

Hi @savantsa

In project panel right click on one dependency and click on repair dependencies.

The dependencies don’t look erroneous. They look fine.

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There’s more than the top level dependencies you see. Expand them.

Hi @savantsa

I think there is version fault in the dependencies. Could you be check the dependencies which got the error.
Open the Project Panel → See the dependencies → Right click on the dependency which is got error symbol → Select the Repair dependency option.
The repairing of dependency will work in max times if the dependencies are faulted.

If the repair dependency will not work, then downgrade the version of the dependencies and try.
If the version if not compatible with activity, the activity shows missing error.

Hope it helps!!


the activity which you have used is older version compared to the studio which you are using

right click on the dependencies and click on repair Dependency then it will automatically update

to your latest studio version

hope this helps

Sorry, this is about Data Services. Not database.


for datasevices aslo you can follow the same steps

Thanks for all of your help. I downgraded the dataservice package to 21.10.1, which was the only October (read stable) version. The recent versions were all done in April and they are either buggy or don’t do the job. Now with the Oct 2021 version, I am ok.

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