A way to display a drop-down list from Select Item activity, to user

Hi guys,

As mentioned in the title I’m looking for the way to show the list of possible inputs to user.
The list from activity look like this:

I want to display it for the user, who should choose the value from it.


@Rokko Full Text will give you all the data, but i am not sure how bot will stop here for user input.

Maybe i will check tomorrow and will update.


The find children Activity helps you to retrieve the listitems. Let us know If you need more Help on this. Can you give US some more Details on your requirements etc. Why, how should the items presented to the User, as He can select directly from the list

Well @Rokko

if you want user input then you are talking about attended automation.

So what you can do is the following steps (high level you can break it down and get back if anything is unclear)

  1. In real time through find children activity find all the elements of that dropdown(if that is a dynamic dropdown better click {simulate} and then capture all items)
  2. List them out in Input Dialog box and ask the user to give the exact Case sensitive value in the input.
  3. Use the select item activity (using the user input) and go ahead.

You can either index the option or as the user to put in exact case sensitive text any option as desired.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @Rokko,

You can put a mensageBOx after that element with mensage “Chose on optios”

The user Chose the option fist and the press ok in the mensage box the the workflow just proceed.

Just one idea