A question about clicking the download link dynamically

I need to download a file on a website; the download link is placed in a grid; the specific screen is similar to ACME System 1 - Log In, like this image

except that every cell of the grid is A list of file download links, without pagination, the number of rows in the grid is not fixed and the link name is different every time , sometimes there are only a few rows, sometimes you may need to pull the scroll bar to the end to find the link you need to click.

My task is to click on the bottom link in a column every time. I use Data scraping to get all the link names of the entire Grid, and then I find the link names I need. The content of the selector of the CLICK activity that clicks on the link changes dynamically according to the required link name.

The problem currently encountered is that when the number of data rows in the grid of this webpage reaches a certain level, although I can get the link name, the click activity cannot find the link that needs to be clicked, although I will scroll every time before the Click activity The bar pull makes the link that needs to be clicked can be seen directly on the screen.
Sorry, it’s a bit long-winded, but is there any good way to do this?

So the link is not visible due to large number of rows in the dt. Can you page down or go to end of page to make visible and then click works? If the link does work when visible, just add an activity to go to end of the page every time in your process so it is visible.

At first I thought it was the reason like you said,but I tried page down to let the link visible on the screen,no useful

Try using the record function to see if you can complete the steps on the example.

Are the grid columns static?
Perhaps you could extract the grid, get a count of the rows, and then create a variable selector for the last row using the max row count as the index. (Depending on if the grid is index-0 or index-1 based).

So your click selector would look something like:
title: (Grid Title Name)
row: (Max Row)
innerText:<If you have a specific value you’re looking for>

Or perhaps reverse sorting the results before you scrape the table, then click

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True, if the grid allows a sort this’d be easy to implement!

yes,the grid column is static,the rows count not.
I tried adding column names and row numbers, but it didn’t work.

i hope so ,but you know

I may have found the cause of this problem; I used UI Explorer to specify a link to obtain the information: aaname='20200908 ', but the dynamic selector I made: aaname=‘20200908’, missing the last space. After testing, I found that there are no spaces in all other links, only the last link in this column.

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