A published process to the orchestrator doesn't show in the UiPath assitence

Dear All ,

I had created an project in UiPath Studio for a particular automation scenario. I wanted to make the enhanced version of that process , so I copy and pasted the project folder and I only renamed it from folder end and started working on the development in it.

Before starting to develop the enhanced one , I already had published the previous project into the personal workspace of the tenet (orcestrator).

Once I finished the enhanced project’s development , I opened it’s project dependencies and Rename the ‘project name’ field anyways.

I published the enhanced process but I don’t see it in the UiPath assistant , I only see the previous project is in the assistant ready to run.

I saw both processes are available in the orchestrator personal workspace but I see only my firstly started basic project is in my assistant.

So guys , what might be the problem ? , I just want both processes to be in my UiPath assistant. :slight_smile:
I think , I should not have copy and paste a project and only just rename the folder name of it . :thinking:

Please refer the following screenshots as below !

Thank You !

Try to create new process with a different name and add this enhanced package and assign it to your robot then check into the assistant. Let me know if it does not work.


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Hi @Rusira_Liyanage

I just wondering that have you changed the “name” property in Project.json file of enhanced project, because i have simulate the same scenario and its showing me both the process in the Assistant.

Please let me have you done that already.

Happy Automation :slight_smile:

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