Published package does not show up in Assistant


I have just successfully published new project. Package exists in predefined folder
but it does not show up in Assistant.

Thx for any help.
Kind regards,


Did you create a process out of the package you have uploaded?

You would see the processes in assistant…

On orchestrator go to processes and create a new process and select the required package

Hope this helps


Hey @VanjaV
After publish need to create process if you have already done this then you can
Navigate to the “Folders” Section and Check please.
Is it assigned to the folder where the Processes are deployed


The published project exists locally in %PROGRAMDATA% folder.


So you kept the file under UiPath/Packages under the program data folder?

And you logged out the assistant from Orchestrator?



First. I have published the project with UiPath free trial license for Enterprise on-premises.
Published project did not show up in Assistant.

I changed UiPath Licence to my developers licence.
After changing it showed up the published project in Assistant.

Thx to everyone for help.
Kind regards,

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